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David Byrne és Jake Gyllenhaal énekelnek John Mulaney gyerekműsorában

2019. december 28., 18:24

Az egykori Talking Heads-frontember David Byrne tavaly adta ki Brian Eno és Oneohtrix Point Never közreműködésével készített American Utopia című albumát, melyet idén ősszel Broadway-előadásként is színre vitt, most karácsonykor pedig egy vicces dallal szerepelt John Mulaney amerikai komikus Netflixen bemutatott John Mulaney And The Sack Lunch Bunch című gyermek-varietéműsorában, melyben még a filmsztár Jake Gyllenhaal is énekelt egy számot.

John Mulaney a hetvenes-nyolcvanas évek oktató jellegű tévés gyerekműsorai (Sesame Street, Free To Be. . . You And Me, The Electric Company stb.) előtti tisztelgésként készítette el a 70 perces programot, melyhez forgatókönyvíró társával, a Saturday Night Live-közreműködő Marika Sawyerrel és a Sesame Street-zeneszerző Eli Bolinnal írt fura betétdalokat, elidegenedésről, félelmekről, melankóliáról és egyéb zavaros érzésekről.

A Talking Heads-rajongó Bolin az egyik számot kifejezetten a benne szereplő David Byrne stílusában komponálta, de maga a 67 éves énekes is beletette társszerzőként az ötleteit a dalszövegbe: a Pay Attention! című szkeccsben az egyik színészkislány, Lexi Perkel azt szeretné elérni, hogy a családja és azok barátai előtt előadott produkciójára a felnőttek odafigyeljenek, és ehhez duettpartnernek Byrne-t hívja segítségül, aki még a Jégvarázs Elza királynőjének kosztümjét is magára ölti a cél érdekében.

You promised that you’d stop talking
When will the chattering end?
You know I practiced for hours
I even brought in a friend

Well, I recall an announcement
That Lexi’s mother just gave
She said, „Our little Lexi’s prepared us a skit
The kind you’re goin’ to crave”

Aw, no one is payin’ attention
That guy just went to the fridge
We don’t do this for the money
We don’t accept every gig

Well, guess what things you are missin’
What we have planned for this crowd
Four minutes of total perfection
But that bald guy talked too loud

I wear my mom’s blazer
So I can play a newscaster
The news is that there is a new funny song
You’d all burst into cheers and laughter

We’d stuff pillows in shirts to look fat
We’d take a blanket and wrap up a cat
The cat would be our baby too
Armed with some kind of joke to you

And then, we’d both act out all of Frozen
Then I would do a cartwheel
And then when she’s done a cartwheel
I will also do a cartwheel

You don’t value our vision
You keep talking while we lip sync
And, Mom, whose side is it you’re on?
Shushing all your friends with a wink

Uh, I don’t have to pay attention
This is a very good deal
We even fall about who sang what
But now our friendship has healed
You weren’t payin’ attention
So watch us swell up in tears
You will regret the skit you missed out on
You will regret it for years

Mom’s friend Patty
Pay attention
Her adult son
Pay attention
Some guy’s wife
Pay attention
Dad’s rich friend
Pay attention
Man with mustache
We respect you
Former teacher
We’re to see you
Ronald Reagan
Pay attention
Oh wait, he died
Pay attention
Look at us!
Pay attention
Don’t look away!
Pay attention, pay attention, pay attention

a műsor másik éneklő sztárvendégének, Jake Gyllenhaalnak a dala a bármiből zenét fakasztó Mr. Music pojácaszerepében:

FRISSÍTÉS: Jake Gyllenhaal teljes jelenete!

There is music here
Music there
Music, music everywhere!
Use your ear
Be aware, you’re making music everywhere
When you tap a pen on a paperback book…
Not too loud but you get the point!
Toss a dress shirt in a laundry sack…
Subtle sound, let me find something else!

-I have a clarinet


-How about my clarinet?

-I don’t need instruments! Listen when I say what songs are about, I’m making music! You’re ignorant!
I’m makin’ music!

Cause there is music here
Music there
Music, music everywhere!
Use your ears, be aware
You’re making music everywhere!!

Even a cat can bat a tune
Do it
Or take a pudding cup and put in a spoon!
Then when you pull it out…
Then when you pull it out…
I did this last night, it made a sound

-What kind of sound did it make?

-Like a squishy sound, like a butt!!

-Maybe if you tap it-

-No! You talked over it just made the noise!

The music is so loud you have to shout
Listen to the ruckus when you swirl Bordeaux
Or just take the bottle and let it blow!
Okay um, I just broke a bottle over here.
Just- I don’t know if you walk over here but you should
Just- there are no big pieces it shattered. Oh!

There is music here
Music there
Music, music everywhere!

-Is Mr. Music okay?

-No, Mr. Music is not okay, he’s having a lot of trouble

I stayed up late
I should have prepped
And planted stuff
That make sounds

Leaky faucet goes drip drip drop!
Who fixed this?
This new modern toilet makes quite a sound!
It’s louder than a gong when you flush it down!
Just- lower the boom. Just work with me, and just lower the boom into the toilet bowl!
Now I have to wait for it to be ready again, I don’t want the commode to overflow
Okay now it’s safe to flush again
Damn it!
I need my tap shoes!
Jump up on your Tempur-Pedic bed
And tap dance so loud that you wake the dead!
Mama told you not to make a peep
Well clickety-clack and wake her out of her sleep!
Ah! Oh did y- I landed weird on my ankle and it popped
Did you hear that?!


It was like music everywhere!
What time is it, am I supposed to do an hour?

-No, no, who told you that?

-I can do an hour!

-Absolutely not

Give me the clarinet you mentioned before
I said I didn’t need it give it to me please
You’ll never believe what a sound it makes
When I throw it out the window and the window breaks!!

-No! That’s my clarinet

-It landed on a truck full of pillows that was passing by only then.
Lord, you don’t want me to make music do you?!
Maybe grab that cat by its tail!

-Hey! No!

-Swing it around and the cat will wail!!
Ow! Ow! Mother Mary! There’s glass here! Who put glass here?! I’m so stupid.
I stayed up late trying on clothes I already owned and I didn’t prepare and I failed

-Dad, I think that even though most of the things you did weren’t audible, you’re just trying to teach us that music can come from lots of things that aren’t instruments!

-Yes… Yes!! You see? You understood what I was trying to say! Music is more than just the songs you hear or people singing…
Well it’s what you just– you said it better

-Hey, Mr. Music? Mr. Music. What you did was really funny, watching you run around when you were back over there especially. We want you to know that we don’t judge you. We don’t care

-You don’t care?

-No, right?

-No, not really

-We don’t care. Who cares?

-Nobody cares.. Haha! Everybody sing! Together! Cast and crew!

-Cast only!

Music here, music there
Music, music everywhere!
Use your ears, be aware
You’re making music everywhere!

What a day, we learned so much
So many topics left to touch
So when you feel sad and scared
Look for music anywhere
Look for music anywhere!

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Music, Music Everywhere! (feat. Jake Gyllenhaal)

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