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Kate Tempest: Firesmoke +FRISSÍTÉS: Holy Elixir – újabb szám a Rick Rubin producerrel készült új albumról

2019. április 30., 9:54

A viharos művésznevű Kate Tempest (született: Kate Esther Calvert, 1985) egy évtizede a londoni Sound Of Rum zenekar rapperlányaként tűnt fel, majd költőként és íróként is több rangos díjat nyert, és spoken word előadóként lett sztár. Mindkét szólóalbumát (Everybody Down – 2014, Let Them Eat Chaos – 2016) jelölték az év brit nagylemezének járó Mercury Prize-ra, Banksy is meghívta fellépni Dismaland parkjába, 2017-ben már Amerikából is felkérték a Donald Trump-kritikus Our First 100 Days dalsorozathoz, legújabb albumán pedig már Rick Rubinnal dolgozott.

Rubin öt éve figyelt fel Kate-re, 2016-ben le is szerződtette American Recordings nevű kiadójához, így a művésznő a szokásos producere, Dan Carey (Bat For Lashes, Emilíana Torrini, Chairlift, Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, Toy stb.) mellett ezúttal már a nagy szakállú amerikai zenegurut is bevonta új albuma elkészítésébe.

A június 14-én megjelenő The Book Of Traps And Lessons a Brit-szigeteket ábrázoló borítójával ismét egy keményen politikus és társadalomkritikus anyagot ígér, ám az elsőként közzétett száma – mely a lemez narratívájában megtisztulást és fordulópontot jelent – egy nyugodt tempójú szerelmes dal, melyet Kate a barátnőjének, egy berber-szufi származású énekes-táncosnőnek írt, aki megváltoztatta az életét.

My visionary is a vision
I watch her dancing by the window
And it rips my flesh to ribbons
And the whole world is just ripples
In the middle distance
I listen to her hips
I push my kisses to her lips
We move like we were born to move
The night is teeth and pistons
And there is something in this tenderness that makes me want to live

Her mouth sets free this captive
Come close to me
Free me
Let me untangle the madness that knots you
I drop to my knees and crawl across you
I tell you I’ve got you
It’s firesmoke

So go on, give me three days of your body and mine
Time is a blind eye and I see your mind in my mind’s eye
You make me immortal
You take me to space
You are a planet
A place I’ve not known
Your body is home to rare gods
I kneel at their temple
I’m blown to bits, gentle, ferocious
We are open
Explosives have nothing compared to these sparks
So let’s fall apart
And then lie with me, breathing in the den of the dark
It’s firesmoke

Your mouth sets free this captive
Come close to me
Free me
Untangle the madness that knots me
You drop to your knees, you crawl across me
You lick your lips softly
It’s firesmoke

The fire rises between us
And makes us get on the wrong trains
Walk the wrong way
Makes strangers smile greetings on Lewisham way
I bathe in this fire
It warms without burning
Compels without force
And it turns without turning the world
So, please, you keep your purpose
Your poise and your journey
I’ll be by the fire
Thinking, nothing I’ve learned can prepare me
For everything else that needs learning
Is this how it feels to feel certain?
‘Cause for so many years my love’s been a burden
But now comes this fire to cleanse and restore us
To fuel us and calm us and push us both forwards, forwards

FRISSÍTÉS: egy hónappal később a Holy Elixir című számot is közzétették az új lemezről!

I touch the beginning
Animating animals and tree Gods
Scratching out legends in cave walls
The days pour down into nights as we watched
We mapped stars with peaks
We fought beasts
We caught food for the feast
And we walked to a breast to receive the bound wheat
The grass
Black and strange
As we raised planes to ash
We laid claims
Exchanged grains
And made pacts
And we clashed
And we strained
And the rains lashed
The young maids were brave but they were made to lay flat
The old ways were too ingrained to make the reins snap
We laid traps
We gave our names back to the Saints
We sang out names and complaints
We burned fat
Arranged bones into flames
Each bird a great catch
Our songs were spells
And our spells were plain facts

She laid down in the road where the people go by
And declared herself willing to try
I laid down beside her
But all I could see were the feet as they walked over me
That’s when she told me: „I was holy elixir.”
She said „I thought I knew the world but it was only a picture.”
She said „We’re all written in the holiest scripture
It’s just we’re living in this time that says no inhibitions
Get yours, keep going, the distance, no limits
And don’t bother protesting because nobody listens
All your solutions dissolve under scrutiny
And you can’t stand a note of derision
Instead seek approval to justify your existence
Have opinions but have no resolve or conviction
Just keep your head down
Breathe the fumes and indulge your addictions
Routine is healthy
Ignore the affliction
The cost to the soul
And the constant constriction
Don’t consider too closely
Have no intermission
Keep throwing your fists in slow repetition
Most of us manage
What makes you so different?
Now, you seem a bright spark
Go ahead, take the road with the pilgrims
Head for the temples of democracy
Freedom, growth, reason, liberty, hope
But don’t pay attention to what’s hanging from the rope.”
She said „Decode the language
Unfold the symbols
I’m told disciples got lost in the hillside
Following intellect, they let go of wisdom
And now they’ll tell you the soul’s a closed system
They sacrificed instinct to phony ambition
And now what they hold in their fist has become all that there is
But total existence needs meaning and myth
Many misjudged the way and got lost in the mist
Your loneliness is the symptom, not the sickness.”

The moment her lips said „peace”
My peace melted
I became a memory
I felt myself peel
I was atoms
I was real
She said „We are born of collision
We are divisions of a bigger vision
And yet
We run around like hamsters
Spinning the wheel
Spinning the wheel
Spinning the wheel.”

I was on my knees then
Begging for pardon
I was old and clothed in white garments
In a vast red desert
Where the rocks were dark blue and varnished
And a voice said:
„This is the garden
Now you better start sowing
Or there won’t be a harvest.”

I came too
Under a domed roof
The light was cold and clear and fragmented
There was people, moving
I watched them
I saw a muscle of school girls performing
I saw the ticket woman massaging the small of her back
And the young gent, neat as a crease in his work clothes
And the light, light as breath on the dirty, old track

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