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Lana Del Rey: Happy +FRISSÍTÉS: Patent Leather Do-over – újabb vers Jack Antonoff zenéjével

2020. április 11., 17:38

Lana Del Rey a tavalyi Norman Fucking Rockwell sikerlemez decemberig bővülő klipsorozata (Mariners Apartment Complex, Venice BitchFuck It I Love You, The GreatestDoin’ Time, Norman Fucking Rockwell, Bartender, Happiness Is A Butterfly) után 2020 elejére egy spoken word albumot is meghirdetett régóta csúszó verseskötete mellé – de azt az eredeti januári, majd februárra tolt időpontban sem adta még ki. A mai napon viszont közzétette a borítóját és az egyik versének előadását Jack Antonoff aláfestő zenéjével.

Az amerikai dalszerző-énekesnő közelgő Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass verseskötetével azonos című audiobook a tavalyi Lana Del Rey-nagylemez fő társszerző-producerének, Jack Antonoffnak a zenéjével és Erika Lee Sears portlandi festőnőnek a fenti narancsligetes borítóképével jelenik meg, de a pontos dátumot még mindig homály fedi. Lana a jótékony célú – bevételei felével az amerikai őslakos indián területek megvédésének nemes ügyét támogató – spoken word albumról egy Instagram-videóval bemutatta a Happy című verset is, melynek szövegét már egy éve közzétette.

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You thought i was rich
and i am but not how you think
i live in a tudor house
under the freeway in Mar Vista by the beach
when you call i take my phone outside to the picnic table
that i bought from the Rose Bowl
and i listen to the rushing cars above
and i think about the last time you visited me
the last time we made love
how the noise got louder and louder during rush hour
and it felt like the ocean was the sky
and that i was flying because you were two feet taller than me
until you took me in your arms
and i could touch the stars
and they all fell down around my head
and i became and angel
and you put me to bed

People think that i’m rich and i am but not how they think
i have a truck with a gold key chain in the ignition
and on the back it says: happy joyous and free
and when i drive
i think about the last time my friends were driving with me
how the radio was so loud that we couldn’t hear the words
so we became music

They write that i’m rich and i am but not how they think
i have a safe i call the boyfriend box
and in it every saved receipt
every movie theater ticket just to remind me
of all the things i’ve loved and lost and love again

You joke that i’m rich and i am but not how you think
i live in a tudor house under the freeway
off of Rose Avenue 12 blocks from the beach
and when you call i put your sweater on
and put you on speaker
and chat for hours underneath the trees
and think about the last time you were here lying next to me
how the noise from the cars got louder and louder
during rush hour
until it sounded like a river or a stream
and it felt like we were swimming
but it wasn’t just a dream
we were just


FRISSÍTÉS: május 21-23 közti Instagram-üzeneteiben Lana Del Rey nemcsak azt árulta el, hogy 2020. szeptember 5-re tervezi következő rendes stúdióalbumát, de azt is bejelentette, hogy Behind The Iron Gates – Insights From An Institution címmel 2021 márciusában a Simon & Schuster könyvkiadónál megjelentet egy második verseskötetet is, melyből már közzé is tette Sylvia Plath ihlette Patent Leather Do-over című költeményét, szintén Jack Antonoff zenei kíséretével!

A bejegyzés megtekintése az Instagramon

music as always by jack

Lana Del Rey (@lanadelrey) által megosztott bejegyzés,

Sylvia – I knew what you meant when you talked about swimming in the ocean and leaving your patent leather black shoes pointing towards it, while you swam

It tickled you to leave them there
It was the thought of a young child or of a lost fairy
That reminded me of who I am
That’s why I am now at this facility by the ocean
And why I go barefoot and why I go calmly
Why I leave my shoes up by the stairway
I do it for you and I do it for me
Because having learned from others and from you
I learned there was a missing piece to finding existential calmness
And domestic bliss to lead to peace

You see, you can’t fall in love with a man like Ted –
Or a musician who sings about being free
A woodworker doesn’t a good man make, if he wants his work to be on TV
You have to separate the wheat from the chaff
You have to be discerning
It takes diligence, consequence and other things
To keep that sea from churning
And to keep yourself from longing to let those painted waves take you under
It isn’t just the water black that makes the body plunder from high sea cliffs
I know my dear, I wish that I had been here or there
I wish that you were here now, if you’re not now –
Because who knows how these things work?

Sylvia, Marilyn, Violet, Diana
All of my kind women who came before me, blonde
I dyed my hair black for you
I turned my back on that black pond
I swear I won’t stop ’til I’m dead
And here I am at 34 – And what for?

To bring my pair of baby patent leather shoes to turn them the other way – towards the sea cliffs stairs not at the ocean
To bring them back up safe to the facility instead
And I think of you as I walk the 280 wooden steps –
Dynamited into the cliffs a hundred years before
I let myself into room 2 and got undressed

I was sunburnt, contemplative and sore
And as I fell asleep by Gabapentin
I lay my head on the pillow and streched my hand out on the cool white linen – and sing you lemon melody
I kept the shoes on the sill by the window seat –
In case you got restless and wanted to leave
And I hugged you with my baby’s breath
And sang your spirit to bed
The way I would have if you were my child or if I had children
My Queen Anne’s lace heart weightless on your little head

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