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Titus Andronicus: Number One (In New York) – tízperces videoklip az új album elé

2018. január 4., 9:19

Január 4-én Titusz névnap alkalmából jöjjön stílszerűen egy új Titus Andronicus-dal: az 1985-ös New Jersey-i születésű dalszerző-gitáros-énekes Patrick Stickles együttese legutóbbi stúdiólemezeként egy 99 perces, 29 számos, ötfelvonásos punk-rockoperát adott ki (The Most Lamentable Tragedy – 2015), de a teljes kísérő tagság lecserélése után most egy „finomabb, tágasabb terű megközelítés” jellemezte új albumot jelentett be egy tízperces videoklippel!

A véres Shakespeare-drámáról elnevezett és +@ monogrammal rövidített Titus Andronicus március 2-án adja ki A Productive Cough című új nagylemezét, melyen a szokásosnál balladisztikusabb saját szeremények mellett Bob Dylan 1965-ös Like A Rolling Stone-jának egy kilencperces átdolgozása is helyet kap majd, de a beharangozóként érkezett hasonló hosszúságú Number One (In New York) nyitódalról leginkább a frontember egy másik nagy kedvence, a Pogues juthat eszünkbe (hogy a városnév is stimmeljen, mondjuk épp a Fairytale Of New York, mely a karácsonyi szezonban már egy másik punk ihletőjeként és konkrét feldolgozásként is szerepelt itt a rovatban).

A gitáros-szájharmonikás-énekes Patrick Stickles az új Titus Andronicus-albumot nem rockzenekari felállással, hanem a zongorista Alex Molinivel duóban fogja turnéra vinni március-április folyamán, de a lemez előtt a készítését dokumentáló egyórás dokumentumfilmmel is előáll – és annak egy tízperces részlete szolgál a ma közzétett Number One (In New York) hivatalos klipjeként is:

Salvage yard scavenging, bent over backwards
The caverns are vast and packed to the rafters with decaying corpses
Of course it’s important – pertinent details from primary sources
The voices are louder than ever before, sticking forks into four-legged horses
Deplorable forces conspire to fire the lord and to hire a guy who will try to eat more of the portions
A guy who’s more boorish, a guy who’s more selfish, with elves as his helpers
Hopeless hapless masses are dopes, they suppose
It’s the same old rigamarole that we know, it’s as bold as a rodeo
Run with the bulls – all the bullshit is so, so disposable
Open wounds, broken bones
Choking from smoking these Marlboro hundreds
Dysfunctional, fuck up in front of the public
Dublin is so far away – it’s disgusting the way that these laymen conduct their discussions
But it’s fun to disrupt if yr cussing enough then I call my own bluff, push my luck
Hungry husbands are smuggling in drugs with their blood bubbling, boiling
Recoil from the touch of the boys in the club
Noise erupts from the speakers, they scream from the bleachers
Creatures in need of a teacher
The reason is clear as a really bleached t-shirt
The fever is reaching its peak – the deceivers are speaking of peace like it’s reachable
The evil are peeking through cracks in the steeple
Believe it, it’s real, ’tis the season
I’m breathing in poison, chest heaving, can’t even conceive of the next best thing
“Arrest these heathens! Forget the trial, lock ’em up, toss the key”
Dot the T’s, cross the I’s, lots of apostrophes
Coughing up boxes of bucks to stay lost in the fog of this obnoxious process
My conscience is quiet, ensconced in the tarpit
Cover the garden with carpet, forget and get onto the starship
We’re off to another dimension – the rent’s too expensive here
Spent my whole pension improving my penmanship
When does it get any closer to ending?
And can I just mention the stench?
It’s relentless when in the presence of elegant gentlemen
The villains have taken their vengeance
I regret to say they’ve collected the evidence
Repent and pretend every entrance is open to tenants with references
Declare myself president of the emptiness, say I’m Rembrandt of dancing on the precipice
Eleven years in and trying to stay relevant
But based on what’s left of the remnants of my intestines
I would guess I’ve ingested the medicine
Yes, I’ve been everywhere but everywhere that I’ve been
I’ve been out of my element, even in my own skin
And I can’t begin to think what I’d tell people back home
So I tell it to the microphone
I can’t leave the life alone – yeah.

FRISSÍTÉS: február elején az Above The Bodega (Local Business) című számot is bemutatták egy videóval!

I can keep a secret from my mama, I can keep a secret from my pa
I keep myself out of trouble, stay one step ahead of the law
And I can keep it from my neighbors – it ain’t like they even care
But I can’t keep a secret from the guy at the store downstairs

It’s the patronage of strangers that’s keeping me from being broke
But when they hand over the paycheck to me, they have to wonder where it goes
Because I never seem to save it – I sure ain’t wasting it on clothes, nor soap
It’s a mystery to you but there’s a guy at the store that knows

Because by eleven in the morning, I’ll find him selling smokes
Laughing in another language but we all know a joke’s a joke
Then by seven in the evening, I’m darkening the door
Lord, it’s so hard trying to keep a secret in that god damn store

He’s there to see me buying cigarettes – he’s there to see me buying beer
He’s never seen me on the internet and five o’clock is nowhere near
But every day can be the weekend if you can walk a couple floors, take that three story tour
And make sure yr talking money when yr rocking with the boss at the store
I’m rocking with the boss

I can’t keep a secret from the guy at the store
I can’t keep a secret, I couldn’t lie anymore
I can’t keep a secret from the guy at the store
Why try like before?

Because you can lie with yr expression or lie with the things you say
But you can’t lie with yr dollars, nah, babe – yr dollars, they give you away
And the faces on the paper, the faces from the paper glare
That’s why I can’t keep a secret from the guy at the store downstairs

The money in the pocket, there’s a fire burning there
That’s why I can’t keep a secret from the guy at the store downstairs
It’s glaringly apparent why I can’t keep a secret from the guy at the store downstairs
So why should I attempt it when I can’t keep a secret from the guy at the store downstairs?

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05 “(I’m) Like A Rolling Stone”
06 “Home Alone”
07 “Mass Transit Madness (Goin’ Loco’)”

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